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Wellknown wildlife books

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The Peregrine by  J.A Baker

The World's Vanishing Animals by Cyril Littlewood and D.W Ovenden

In Pursuit of Spring by Edward Thomas

The Future of Life by E.O Wilson

Nature's Numbers by Ian Stewart

Birds of Heaven by Peter Mattiessen

Field Guide to the Dragonflies and Damselflies of Great Britin and Northern Ireland by Steve Brooks and Richard Lewington

How to be a bad Birdwatcher by Simon Barnes

The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

Nature Cure by Richard Mabey.

The Tribes on My Frontier by Ruskin Bond

A Naturalist on the Prowl by  Ruskin BondSunderbans : The Mystic Mangrove by  Chowdhury, Biswajit Roy & Vyas, Pradeep

My Father's Zoo by  Esther David

Cosmo Dictionary of Birds, 3 Vols. by  Newton, Alfred

Wildlife Tourism and Conservation by  Mallya, Abhilash

The Fishes of India, 2 Vols. by  Day, Francis

The Wild in Wilderness, 2 Vols. (A Reference Book on Indian Wildlife and Their Abodes) / Reddy, K. Kesava

The Royal Tigers of Bengal by  Fayrer, John

A Guide to Fossil Reptiles, Amphibians, and Fishes by Gunter, Albert

Eye in the Jungle by Krishnan, M.

Himalayan Wildlife : Habitat and Conservation by Negi,

S.S.Sariska National Park by Dang, Himraj

The Kaziranga Inheritance by Barthakur, Ranjit & Sahgal, Bittu

Wild Tigers of Ranthambhore by Thapar, Valmik & Rathore, Fateh Singh

Birds of Bharatpur by Singh, Rajpal

A Photographic Guide to the Birds of India : Including Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Pakistan and Bangladesh by Samarpan, Amano

The Bharatpur Inheritance by Grewal, Bikram & Sehgal, Bittu

The King and I : Travels in Tigerland by Bindra, Prerna Singh

Jim Corbett : The Hunter-Conservationist by Gupta, Reeta Dutta

Tiger : The Ultimate Guide by Valmik, Thapar

The Wild Beasts of India by Sanderson, G.P.

Treasures of Indian Wildlife by Chhapgar, Boman F. & Kothari, Ashok S. (Eds.)

Behavioural Patterns of the one horned Indian Rhinoceros (Observations in Kaziranga National Park) by Patar, Kamal Chandra

Gir Forest and the Saga of the Asiatic Lion by Mitra,

Sudipta Gods in Chain by Ghosh, Rhea
Birds in Kansas By Max C. Thompson & Charles Ely

Kansas Wetlands by Joseph T. and Suzanne L. Collins

Wildflowers & Grasses of Kansas by Michael John Haddock  

Watching Kansas Wildlife by Bob Gress and George Potts

Where the Grizzly Walks: The Future of the Great Bear  by Bill Schneider

Who Ate the Backyard?  Living with Wildlife on Private Land, by Charlie Craighead

Backcountry Bear Basics: The Definitive Guide to Avoiding Unpleasant Encounters  by David SmithBear Attacks: Their Causes and Avoidance rev. ed., by Stephen Herrero

Bear Aware: Hiking and Camping in Bear Country by Bill Schneider

Living with Bears, A Practical Guide to Bear Country, by Linda Masterson

The Grizzly Maze - Timothy Treadwell's Fatal Obsession with Alaskan Bears, by Nick Jans

The Wild Mammals of Montana by Kerry R. Foresman

Tracking and the Art of Seeing, How to Read Animal Tracks and Sign, Second ed., by Paul Rezendes

True Grizz: Glimpses of Fernie, Stahr, Easy, Dakota, and Other Real Bears in the Modern World by Douglas Chadwick
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