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Watch Winder, Wind, Watches, automatic, self-winding
Watch Winder, Wind, Watches, automatic, self-winding
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Watch winder

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Watch Winder, Wind, Watches, automatic, self-winding
Watch Winder, Wind, Watches, automatic, self-winding
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Watch Winder, Wind, Watches, automatic, self-winding
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windmill watch winder
Quite often I have come across the term watch winder but I never knew what was it? Recently I decided to search it out on the web and there I found quite more results than i expected. if you also don't get to understand the term watch winder, let me help you out. 

A watch winder is a device which is used for self winding or automatic watches to run when they are not worn in your hand. Actually these watches works on the principle of winding itself with the help of a moving weight which is placed inside the watch. when your hand moves the weight inside also moves and rotates which causes the winding of the watch. The automatic watches can also be wound by ourselves but since its not that easy always the watch winder was found.

When we keep our watch in the watch winder, the device moves the watch in to give it a replica feeling as it is worn in your hand. so the self winding of the watch takes place. The automatic watches have the feature to stop itself from being over wound, so that scare seems vanished as the watch winder cannot over wind it. suppose you are not using the watch for 2 days you need not keep it in the watch winder for the whole 2 days. 30 minutes to 1 hour will be enough to wind up the watch. Watch winders does not solve the purposes for a quartz watch which runs on battery.

Watch Winder, Wind, Watches, automatic, self-winding
The utility of the watch winders are that they keep the time accurate and also increase the life of your watch as its parts are lubricated and are moving. The watch winders run on batteries but in the older versions ac adaptors are used. There is a small motor and a slight humming sound. eve if you have a entire collection of watches wind it at one go as there are watch winders which can wind 8 watches at a time too.

There are only a few types of watch winders in the market. Based on the function, the devices are designed to hold 1 to 8 watches. when the watch winder holds more than 1 watch looks like merry gold rides or carnival rides and so on. If you want looks, watch winders have it too. Like a box of wood or made up of leather. If you go on for even more luxury then there are watch winders which have heaters which maintain our body temperature and more.

Watch winder on the web
Gives answers to your questions like what is a watch winder? how to choose a watch winder? Why are watch winders so expensive, what are the types of winders available?
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