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Health & Fitness
Varicose veins

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The normal veins have valves to keep the blood moving to the heart. When these valves do not function properly the blood pools cuse the vein to enlarge. This condition can be there right from birth or by defective valves. During pregnancy these conditions as secondary varicose veins arise during the initial or final months of pregnancy.

The people suffering from varicose veins would be mostly overweight and would suffer from night cramps, pain and swelling in the ankles. As time advances this condition worsens and then complications arise like Phlebitis (chronic inflammation of the vein). The disruption in blood circulation due to varicose circulation due to varicose circulation also adversely affect the other organs.


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By improving the blood circulation some relief can be given and so future complications can be avoided. Now the main function of the blood is to transport oxygen, nutrition and hormones to cells all over the body and to remove the waste products. Food in the form of glucose is needed for the cells for its normal functions. Waste products produced by the metabolism are filtered by the kidneys as the blood flows through them. Blood also carries chemicals, enzymes and cells to fight infections and control bodily functions. It is therefore necessary to mesure the blood circulation throughly and regularly and get a early treatment.
What is the treatment and options available for varicose veins
The highly successful ACTERA therapy is for the first time available in India. It is noninvasive, painless, drug free without side effects and clinically documented to improve blood circulation using patended highly advanced Electro magnetic therapy. The improvement in blood circulation is quantified using the ABI (Ankle Branchial Pressure index) medically accepted as a relible indicator of circulatory status.

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