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Health & Fitness
Fast foods & fried food have trans fat
by  Jayanti

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The intake of fast foods has been seen as the latest trend in India. The upcoming of shopping malls and multiplexes have created new and international fast food chains to open outlets in India. The incresing fashion of having burgers, pizzas and so on among the younger generation will no doubt result in a unhealthy tomorrow. Although deep in our mind we know it is harmful, but still we cannot correct ourselves and fall prey to it. Now comes the street food which is often relished by people in India be it pakoras, bhajis, samosa, jelabis and so on. The oil used for frying is reused again and agin for frying. Does this cause any health implications?

Recently I happened to read a article in the health column of India Today. It was a information about transfat, which results in n number of diseases. I felt the need to convey it for the younger generation and hence submitted it to and fitness.

We all know that 'fats' is a scaring term as it is the cause of a lot of diseases. Usually oils, ghee, vanaspati you come across saturated fats, unsaturated fats and so on. I was astonished to hear a new term trans fat.

Now lets see waht is trans fat?
Transfat is a killer fat. It is found in the oil found in all the fried snacks having hydrogenated oils. The oil is much sought after by the restaurants and other sweet makers because it can be repeatedly reheted without breakdown and does not get rancid. It eases up the frying chips by giving the crispiness and flavour, it maintains the layers of samosas and so on. It tastes yummy but have you ever thought how your body is going to react to it?

Once this transfat reaches your body it acts as a terrorist byboosting up the bad cholesterol and killing the good cholesterol. It clumps blood platelets and clogs the arteries. It also clogs the linings of the brain and this could result in obesity, diabetes, cholesterol and a host of other diseases.

Vanaspati is the biggest source of tranfat in India. Whether the street food makers or the restaurants they use vnaspathiin their food.

The WHO limits the useage of transfat at 5gms a day but if you snack on french fries, parathas, puris, bhatura, samosa and so on.  then you cross the limit.

To conclude I believe all food if consumed in a limit are healthy but if taken on a large scale can prove dangerous. So is the case of any food. It you yourself who have to plan your lifestyle as today is yours and even tomorrow is yours.!
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Article contributed by Jayanthi
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