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Summer Care of your Skin and Hair
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The rising temperatures and dehydration, sun burns and the sweat is much deraded as summers coome in. As soon as you are out of the house the heat wave attacks, although you cannot avoid the sun but you have to save yourself from the UV rays. There are a few tips and your summers could be more comfortable.

Summer means taking care of each part of your body from head to toe. Body odour to stinky socks make you unconfident seated with your collegues  and believe me the effects could also be worse. Lets take a few tips how to combat this body odour:-

Skin Care


Hair is also prone to the various changes your body undergors. If your climate is humid, then it turns your hair frizzy and messy. Proper care of your hair by regularly oiling and shampooing will keep your hair cleqan and looking good even in summers. Here are some tips how :-


Dressing in summer is again on ones comfort. It is the occasion that demands the way of your clothing and at times it comes with a compromise with your comfort. Like for a religious function if you hafve to wear a saree, you might not ebe comfortable wearing a saree for a long time but the situation demands to. After a time you will feel like removing it and wearing something that you are comfortable in. Back to summers, I think wearing loose cl:othes will be comfortable. Light clothing will help your body breathe. Lets have a look into this too:-

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