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Structured Settlements

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Why do I need a structured settlement brokers?

Structured settlement brokers specialize in purchasing structured settlements from people who have been awarded large claims such as personal injury, workers compensation, insurance settlements and even casino and lottery winnings. After being in the business for a while they learn the tricks of the trade and most structured settlement brokers can get you a lump sum payment in a short amount of time. Also, if you take the time to shop around a bit you can find the broker that is willing to give you the most cash for your structured settlement.

What are viatical settlements?
A viatical settlement allows you to invest in another person's life insurance policy. With a viatical settlement, you purchase the policy (or part of it) at a price that is less than the death benefit of the policy. When the seller dies, you collect the death benefit.

Your return depends upon the seller's life expectancy and the actual date he or she dies. If the seller dies before the estimated life expectancy, you may receive a higher return. But if the seller lives longer than expected, your return will be lower. You can even lose part of your principal investment if the person lives long enough so that you have to pay additional premiums to maintain the policy.

Viatical settlements can be risky investments. For these reasons, you should exercise caution and thoroughly investigate before you consider investing in a viatical settlement.

Can I get a loan from a structured settlement?
Whether you are looking for a buyer of a structured settlement annuity, a direct funder or structured settlement loan, or just have some specific questions, our sponsors above are here to help provide the answers. Looking for the best quote is just the beginning. Working with the right people is the best ending. That's why year after year, our sponsors clients tell us it's nice to work with a company that cares about helping them regardless of whether they use the services or not. Getting the best price and working with the right people is essential to a successful funding of a structured settlement.

How Do Structured Settlements Work?

A structured settlement has been proved over time to be a great solution for the needs of personal injury claimants. Claims professionals, plaintiff attorneys, judges and defense attorneys advocate the use of structured settlements because they most effectively meet a claimant's needs for security, and provide more financial benefits over time than a single, lump sum settlement because of applicable tax breaks available through the purchase of fixed annuity products or US Treasury Securities.

Does Your Company Buy Structured Settlements?

Most people who are awarded a structured settlement as part of an insurance settlement or Casino/Lottery winnings quickly grow tired of the smaller monthly payments. They wish they could have access to a lump sum settlement today. If your company is interested in buying structured settlements click one of the links above and visit one of our structured settlement partners.

Why Sell Your Structured Settlement?

With structured settlements you can only have access to small monthly payments from your insurance or class action settlement. By selling your structured settlement to a financial institution you are able to have access to a lump sum payment. If you want to make a major purchase like buying a new home for instance, banks will not grant loans against structured settlement payments. Thus is becomes necessary to sell your structured settlement so you can enjoy your awarded cash today.

Why do I need a structured settlement attorney?

Buying and selling structured settlements can be a very tricky business. If you are not careful you can end up losing your marbles to a crooked company trying to swindle you out of your structured settlement. Likewise, if you are a company inexperienced in purchasing structured settlements there are many laws and rules to be made aware of. We highly recommend finding a qualified attorney that specializes in structured settlements.

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