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Video wall Displays

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Pixell Video walls
Pixell Lion XL-SXP-UXL Family 
Large-scale, high-resolution displays for mission-critical digital walls
The Clarity Lion displays (WN-6750-UXL, WN-6720-SXP, WN-6750-XL) are a 67" rear-projection displays that are ideally suited for digital wall applications in mission-critical command and control, data visualization and entertainment environments. The state-of-the-art design delivers the best image quality, operational reliability, serviceability and cost-of-ownership available in large-screen display systems.

Outstanding image quality
Advanced Performance Liquid Crystal Display (AP/LCD?) technology, black glass screens, thin mullions and sophisticated screen-to-screen alignment techniques for outstanding color, brightness uniformity, contrast, and viewing angles on a near-seamless wall.

Mission-critical reliability
A multi-lamp optical engine houses up to four ultra long-life, low wattage lamps to prevent downtime caused by single-lamp failures.

Easy handling and installation
Lion is designed for easy shipping, handling and installation of mechanical and optical components.

Fast access to components
Service panels give easy access to all electronics and optics modules from either the front or back in minutes, minimizing downtime for service and maintenance.

Pixell Tigress family Video walls
Clear, bright display for digital walls in business environments
The Clarity Tigress displays (WN-5230A-X, WN-5230A-S) are 52" rear-projection displays designed for digital wall applications in command and control and data visualization environments. Based on the popular Digital Light Processing? (DLP?) technology from Texas Instruments?. Tigress display delivers clear advantages over CRT-based systems displays.

Clear, bright image
The Tigress digital displays combine DLP technology, glass black screens, thin mullions and sophisticated screen-to-screen alignment techniques to produce a near seamless image across any configuration. Then, Clarity ColorEdge? technology provides precision color matching between cubes. ColorEdge combines with the bright, life-like color of DLP for a digital wall that clearly communicates detailed information in data-sensitive environments. Tigress delivers outstanding color and brightness uniformity for maximum impact in a wide range of environmental conditions.

Designed for corporate use
Tigress displays can be stacked in both horizontal and vertical configurations to create digital walls that fit the viewing conditions of control rooms, financial exchanges, trading floors and other information-driven environments. Durable construction and a patented Stairstep Interlock Mounting Package allow Tigress displays to be positioned securely and safely with ease.

Convenient service access
Once in place, both the front and rear service panels provide easy access to electronics and optics modules in minutes ? minimizing downtime for service and maintenance.

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Pixell Wildcat Video Walls
Versatile, high-quality displays for any environment
The Clarity Wildcat family (WN-4030-S and WN-4030-SE) of 40" rear-projection displays is designed for Digital Visual Messaging (DVM) applications in a wide variety of environments including command and control, public venue, transportation centers, corporate facilities and retail stores.

Superior image quality
Wildcat digital displays incorporate Advanced Performance Liquid Crystal Display (AP/LCD?) technology, sophisticated screen technologies, and thin mullions to produce a near seamless image across any configuration. And the outstanding color uniformity, brightness uniformity, and digital loop-through capabilities ensure Wildcat stands out in any environment.

Highly versatile inputs and image scaling
The two Wildcat models use the same native SVGA (800 X 600) optical engine, but the Wildcat SE adds advanced signal processing electronics for greater input flexibility and high resolution image scaling. This enhancement lets Wildcat SE accept inputs up to XGA (1024 X 768) resolution for stand-alone applications and up to UXGA (1600 X 1200) resolution using Clarity Big Picture processing for wall applications.

Easy installation and service
Stacked in horizontal or vertical configurations, Wildcat displays can be securely interlocked and are easily serviced using both front and rear access panels

Pixell Panther family Video walls


High-resolution display for stand-alone presentation applications
The Clarity Panther (PN-6730-UXP) and Panther Plus (PN-6740-UXP) are 67" rear-projection displays optimized for use as stand-alone presentation systems in corporate facilities. They combine extremely high resolution and image quality with stylish cabinetry and easy mobility to create very compelling alternatives to front-projection systems or fixed-installation displays.

Designed-in versatility makes Panther ideal for a wide variety of presentation applications and sources including HDTV and video viewing, teleconferencing, design reviews, work-group collaboration, executive meetings, events and tradeshows. Panther Plus adds stereo audio capability for a complete presentation solution.

Outstanding image quality
The Panther digital displays use Clarity's Advanced Performance Liquid Crystal Display (AP/LCD?) technology to deliver the highest image quality and highest available resolution (1600 x 1200) among presentation systems. They also feature a 1500:1 contrast ratio ? three to five times better than other systems ? for the presentation of detailed, graphics-intensive information in corporate environments.

Compact size and easy mobility
The digital display is encased in a sleek, attractive cabinet that is just 26.5" deep to occupy minimal floor space. Its built-in casters allow easy movement between boardrooms, design centers, conference rooms and meeting areas.

Input from any source
Panther has a unique image processing capability that scales and optimizes a variety of inputs, from VGA to UXGA computer formats, and HDTV. The system has a convenient side-panel input for connection to a laptop computer, and provides RS-232 and IR remote control for easy set-up and operation.