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Video wall Displays

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Pioneer Video walls
Pioneer RM-V2550U Video walls

This exciting new multi-projection cube system is half the size of conventional projection systems. This was accomplished by using a mirror optical system that reflects the light beams emanating from the CRT through a 90 degree angle before directing them onto the projection screen.Not only was Pioneer able to slim down the cube size, but also the cost. All of this while still maintaining the crisp, sharp picture quality our customers have come to expect. These two factors have made spectacular large-screen viewing a practical proposition for a broader range of environments and applications than ever before.

PAL/NTSC Dual Input Capability
To satisfy the demands of today‚s global media market, Pioneer‚s VIDEO CUBE series is fully compatible with both PAL and NTSC TV signals. This capability ensures trouble free installation and operation in most countries including the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Britain and Germany.

Enhanced Viewability
Pioneer has significantly improved the overall viewability of the VIDEO CUBE series by increasing on-screen brightness and maintaining uniform image quality both across and between the individual screens. To minimize the grid-line effect, the borders between the 50-inch screens have been narrowed to just 4mm. Meanwhile, multi-switching, auto white balance and ABL linkage functions further enhance viewability.

Linear White Balance Circuitry
Thanks to the employment of linear white balance circuitry, the VIDEO CUBE series provides expanded vision with much less color variation than previous systems. In addition, Pioneer ha made white balance adjustment both easier and more accurate.

Multi-Screen Layout Flexibility
Pioneer's RM-V2550U/E 50-inch CUBE units can be stacked as required to create a multi-screen display that matches the requirements of almost any location. Up to three rows of units can be placed one above another and there is virtually no limit to the number of units that can be placed side-by-side.

Time Delayed Power Start
When the VIDEO CUBEs are connected in a series to the same power source, the time delayed power start function prevents a potentially damaging power surge by staggering the turn on time of each unit in accordance with its ID number.

Wider Horizontal and Vertical Viewing Angles
Realizing horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 150 degrees and 60 degrees respectively, the VIDEO CUBE series allows larger audiences to view clear, brighter pictures

Pioneer RM-V2400 Video Wall

40"/50" Video Cube Frame System , Multi-Projection Cube System