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The Metrosexual Man
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The Metrosexual man
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The Metrosexual man is a term which you might come across while reading magazines or articles. Metrosexual is a man describes the man who has a strong taste and concern for his looks and wears. He will be a money spender when it comes to his lifestyle and looks.  This term gave birth to the term retrosexual which means the opposite of metrosexual and understates a person who is least bothered on his looks and appearance.

Some of the most common metrosexual prototypes include English Soccer star David Becham and screen icons Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman and Tom Cruise. These men are as much models as they are sport stars or actors, welcoming the not so furtive female gazes like the walking billboards they've become. Lets look at a few more terms which you might want to add to your growing lexicon:-

SNAG ( Sensitive new age guy ) - A guy that woman like to talk to like one of their own and find attractive. It refers more to sensitivity

Renaissance man - An older term referring to the early modern era, when ancient scientific and artistic knowledge was revisited in a flurry of creation. Refers   to a well rounded sophisticated worldly individual with interests in many areas and expertise in several. think of artist engineer Leonardo Da Vinci.

Primp - A well groomed guy who always has women around but never seems to go for anyone in particular. Behind his back people speculate about his sexuality

Lets take a look at Color Coordination and its effects of the modern man.

Whether you are dark skinned, medium or pale you can find the approximate colors to suit your complexion.

Dark Skin tone - If you fall in this category the colors you wear should contrast with your dark features. Colours you look your best are pink, white, khaki, baby blue and grey. Avoid Dark brown, turquoise, spring green and magenta.

Medium skin - You can wear just any color and look sharp. Since light and dark colours both contrast nicely with your skin tone you can go either way. Colors that you would look your best is beige, burgundy, royal blue, navy, black, pink stripes. Colours to avoid - pistachio, mauve, dark brown, red and olive.

Pale skin - for those keep following the things in your mind. Colour you look best in Light blue, brown, beige, off white, bold blue. Avoid colors - red, pink, orange, yellow and purple.

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