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Health & Fitness

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What can/should be done at home
Prevention is really the key, which means having plenty of fluids to drink before going outside and while playing. Drinking liquids should be plentiful enough that the child experiences little, if any, thirst. However, when heat exhaustion does occur, remove the child from the sun, take his clothes off, and place him in a cool bath. Do not make it cold as this will cause shivering and actually increase the temperature. Encourage fluid intake.

When to get immediate attention
If the child has truly had a significant increase in body temperature due to the heat, the doctor should evaluate him after being
cooled at home.  If, however, the child has simply become a bit worn-out from playing in the heat, he should be evaluated if he does not become more active within the first half-hour after cooling.   Heat stroke can be a life-threatening emergency, so if there is any question in your mind about whether this has occurred, call your doctor.

What is heatstroke?
This occurs when the body's normal cooling mechanisms become overwhelmed by the combination of heat and dehydration. This allows for the body temperature to rise dramatically. Fevers of 105oF or higher may occur.

What are the symptoms?
The most common symptoms are the combination of a warm body with flushed skin and an impressive lack of perspiration. A child who is hot but with dry skin is a concerning one. Other symptoms include feeling faint, nausea, fast breathing, and abdominal pain. The nausea may overshadow the thirst mechanism, so it is not uncommon for children with heat stroke to not be terribly thirsty.
Health over 50

The aging factor begins once we are born. The average lifespan is still between 75 and 80 for women and 70 and 75 for men. Modern health, medicine, cleanliness and sanitation with a healthy  lifestyle have done remarkably little to extend the overall maximum lifespan of the human species. A little bit to 80 years and no more. Madame Calment  is beleived to be the oldest person to die in the world at the age of 122. She was a total vegetarian. Hence it is believed that diet plays a very important part in determining the longetivity of people.  The older elderly are more likely to develop chronic illnesses, which will probably be coupled with the need for more support.


This website gives us important tips on health care for people above the age of 50. Other topics are Nutritional considerations, Nutritional requirements,  Foods to choose, Store cupboard items,   Common problems and so on

World's 10 deadliest Illnesses

  1. Pneumonia   
  2. Hepatitis B   
  3. Whooping cough
  4. Diarrhoea   
  5. AIDS   
  6. Roundworm
  7. Tuberculosis  
  8. Measles  
  9. Malaria   
  10. Tetanus

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