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How to buy Diamonds

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Purchasing a piece of diamond jewellery is an exhilarating and unique experience. We help you choose your diamond the way the world does, with the help of the 4Cs which help determine the sparkle and value of a diamond.

Before you select your diamond, check the 4Cs

The 4Cs are used throughout the world to classify the rarity of diamonds. Diamonds with the combination of the highest 4C ratings are more rare and, consequently, more expensive.

Light is the element which ignites a diamond's brilliance and fire. Its interplay with each of the 4Cs will explain why one diamond can appear even more beautiful than the other.

Carat - The weight of the diamond is measured in carats. One carat is divided into 100 points, so that a diamond of 0.75 carat is 75 points. Carat is the easiest of the 4Cs to determine, but remember, two diamonds of equal carat weight can have very different values depending on the quality of the cut, colour and clarity. For instance, for a good quality diamond of 10 points you should expect to pay approximately Rs. 2000-5000 and Rs 7000-11,000 for a 20 point diamond.When it comes to diamond jewellery you have so much to choose from . Will you select a solitaire or a multistone design ? what style would you prefer – traditional or modern ? will it be a ring, a pendant or earrings ? whatever your decision, its one you are sure to cherish forever

Colour - Diamonds come in wide range of colours. Graded from D – totally colourless and very rare – through to Z. There are some diamonds with very strong pure colours, like blue or pink , which are extremely rare and called “fancies”. Famous for their high quality, most diamonds in India are in the colour range from F to K. Choose a colour that reflects your personality

Clarity - Perfectly clear diamonds are a rare find. Most diamonds contain very tiny inclusions that make each diamond unique – just like nature’s fingerprints. Even though they neither mar its beauty nor endanger its durability, the fewer and smaller the inclusions are, the more the diamond will sparkle.

FL/IF: Flawless/Internally flawless (with minor surface blemishes)
VVS: Very, very small inclusions (not visible to the naked eye)
VS : Very small inclusions (not visible to the naked eye)
SI : Small inclusions (not visible to the naked eye)
I : Inclusions ( visible to the naked eye)

Cut - A good cut brings out more sparkle. When cut to good proportions, a diamond is better able to handle light, creating more brilliance and more sparkle, and it therefore commands a higher value. When choosing a diamond, simply hold it up to see how light dances around it.

Diamonds are cut to a number of shapes, depending on the nature of the uncut gems. Most couples prefer the classic round brilliant cut. But love has a variety of expressions. For instance, the heart and the pear shaped diamonds appeal to the more romantically inclined.

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