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Home and decor
Designing your Interiors

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Do you feel that your home needs a change. Its been long having the same old look and something fresh and zing has to be added? Then think no further just go on as home is the place to rest your burdens. it should have all the colors and excitement to refresh you after the day's tiring work. Lets have a look at the following :-

Interiors is no more the work of a carpenter, but day by day demanding tremendous inputs and integrations are making interior works sophisticated and beautiful. Customizing your requirement to your furniture is the concept to look into. Have your interiors have a ethnic feel, or the classic touch, the childish touch or so on depending upon the color of the walls the furniture and the upholstery you choose.

Colors play a very important role in the interior decoration of a home. This place normally people mess up. Like combining the right upholstery with the carpets and furniture to the colors of your walls and interiors is usually not met with properly and the room ultimately ends up messy. Dominant colors are not needed everywhere it should appear in spurts throughout the house to add more variety to the interiors.

Spacing is also very important. just don't blindly fill up your room with furniture. Keep the space in mind and try to buy small compact furniture's just to suit your use. It will help you home to have vacant spaces which is also equally important.

The furniture you choose should be comfortable and suit your lifestyle. If you live in a dusty area, don't go for furniture with elaborate woodwork or open shelves as it demands a lot of maintenance. In the same way It is a good choice to buy modular furniture instead of customized furniture if you live in a apartment. furniture should be according to the size of the room. care should be taken while choosing the furniture as it should match with the colour of the walls and the upholstery of the room. Using low furniture , glass tops and mirrors give the room a larger effect. Low sitting always helps enhancing the feeling of space in small rooms.

makes a huge impact. It even dictates the furniture and upholstery colours. It also creates a certain vibe and triggers decor ideas. The number of options available in the market today just to do your flooring is staggering. marble, granite, wood, laminated wood flooring, and vitrified stone tiles are the popular options these days.

Some tips to make your home look attractive and trendy :-

Redecorating with furniture
With the influx of various imported furniture brands today variety of styles, and spacing organizing options are available. Trend is more towards the novel and the unique than the tested and tried.

Say it with mirrors - have u considered mirrors. it can make the room look larger. There has been the general trend of using decorated mirrors as it is widely available in an assortment of wooden frames.

Bathroom Remodeling

Homeowners don't perceive bathroom remodeling as a opportunity to express their individuality and sense of style. If you are building or remodeling your home, the bathroom is one space you cant afford to overlook. The layout of the small bathroom includes the location of fixtures, the space between them, and also the location and storage areas for towels, bathroom, cosmetics and cleaning supplies.

Select colors for serenity - pale soft colors schemes give the illusion of more space. Avoid strong exciting colors. use bights for accessories and towels but select pastel tones, neutrals and white backgrounds.

Make a chrome, steel and glass statement - stylish open towel rings made from stainless steel look fabulous in the bathroom and are all the rage today. if space is a concern, install decorative glass shelf with chrome/steel fittings on the wall. You could add a new dimension to your old bathroom by simply changing the mirror over your wash basin - put a beveled mirror instead of the old one or add a picture molding to the existing one.

The Exteriors
The exterior of a house is as important as the interior as it reveals the picture of the people living in. Exterior also adds significant curb appeal, value and overall enjoyment to your home. before you paint consider the following:-

Lighter colours can make a small house seem larger and appear closer to the front of the lot. Choose a lighter colour for a smaller home that is set away from the street and the neighbors. Darker colours on the other hand can create the illusion that a house is smaller and set further back. A darker colour is often a good choice for a big house that is situated on a block where the houses are built in close proximity to one another.

Harmonize with the interior colour scheme of your home - exterior and interior colours should flow from one environment to the other. keep in mind however that even if you choose the paint the interior your favorite hue say pink think twice about painting the outside of your house the same colour.

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