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Consumer Loans

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A  wide range of consumer loans are available by different banks for different products for a variety of purposes. Whether you are ready for a new car, the pleasure a new boat can bring, to take that dream vacation you've always wanted or to consolidate your existing debt into a more manageable monthly payment, we can help make your dreams and plans a reality.

Home Equity Line of Credit

Banks can help you quickly and easily tap into the equity in your home. Establish your Line of Credit today and use the funds now, in the future, or both. Use your Line of Credit for home improvement or for "life's little extras" like a new boat, car, or a dream vacation. You deserve it and we can help make it happen through our Home Equity Line of Credit.

Home Equity Loan

Banks can help you quickly and easily tap into the money that exists as equity in your home. That's money you can use for college education, home improvement, consolidating other debts or for "life's little extras" like a new boat, car or dream vacation. You deserve it and we can help make it happen through our Home Equity Loan.

New or Used Auto Loan
Have you found the car, truck or van you want to buy? Are you looking for a pre-approval to go car shopping? Would you like to re-finance your existing vehicle loan? Maybe you would like to borrow money and use your current vehicle as collateral.

New or Used Boat Loan
Make your boating dreams come true with our "Float Your Boat" loan. So whether you're looking to try out your new fishing pole or spend the day on the water with family or, Looking to refinance your existing boat?

CD Secured Loan
If you are looking for the least expensive way to borrow money, Banks offer loans secured by Certificates of Deposit. A CD secured loan is a great way to begin to establish credit. Or maybe you need a way to begin to reestablish a damaged credit history

Executive Line of Credit
Banks offer the Executive Line of Credit as a convenient and easy access to credit. Establish your Executive Line of Credit for any specific purpose or to have funds available for the unexpected. Your Executive Line of Credit can be secured or unsecured. Either way, you'll have the comfort of knowing that you have credit available when you need it.

Checking Plus Line of Credit
If you are looking for a convenient way to access funds for that unexpected need, a CheckingPlus Line of Credit may be for you. This Line of Credit is tied directly to your checking account for access. CheckingPlus Line of Credit also offers protection against an overdraft should you fail to write down a check.

Unsecured Loan
Banks offers loans on an unsecured basis for almost any purpose. If you need to borrow money but are unable to offer collateral, you can apply for an unsecured loan.

The Bank of Baroda offers Consumer Durables Loan

The exclusive features are :-

To know more visit


The United Bank of India offers United Consumer Loan Scheme

Articles to be purchased

All the household items you had been planning to buy like Refrigerator, Stereo System, Television Set, V.C.R., V.C.P., Cooking Range, Washing Machine, Air-conditioner, Furniture, Micro Oven and any other household utility goods, Computer & accessories, Telex, Fax Machine, Genset, etc. can now be yours.


Quantum of Loan

The minimum amount of loan is Rs 0.10 lac. The maximum amount of loan is Rs 4.00 lacs subject to a maximum 36 times of monthly net income. The total deduction from salary including the proposed EMI should not be more than 60% of Gross Salary.

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