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Britney Spears

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Britney Spears - Biography
Born on December 2, 1981, Britney Jean Spears was destined for stardom. “Even as a little baby, Britney was a real darling…she was always being noticed.” Says Lynne Spears, Britney’s Mom. Lynne has even said that Britney was dancing around at the early age of two. In fact, Britney’s parents believed in her abilities so much that Lynne would drive two hours everyday just so Britney could attend gymnastics classes. Although gymnastics was a fun pastime for Britney--the uneven bars and floor exercise were her favorites--she found that she wasn’t nearly as strong as the other girls and although she practiced over three hours a day, the moves didn’t come near as easy to her. Giving up on gymnastics was a total loss, however, as Britney soon found out that it had developed her skills as a dancer.

Changing her goals, the future queen of pop performed at her first talent show at the early age of six. By the time she was nine, she was already traveling around to different dance competitions performing in the jazz lyrical dancing category. Gymnastics and dancing at an early age wasn’t the only preparation she did for her future career--Lynne has said that Britney could be found singing all the time. The song “What Child is This” was her first key to stardom--she sang it at her kindergarten graduation. It wasn’t until later that Lynne realized that Britney could have a future in singing, when Britney was bouncing around on the trampoline. On top of Britney’s singing and dancing as a young child, she also competed in beauty pageants. At five she won first place in the Kentwood Dairy Festival; at seven, she was awarded silver first-prize for Miss Talent USA. And that’s not all--the Spears’ home is filled with other trophies Britney has collected over the years.

The Mickey Mouse Club was Britney’s first real taste of success, but initially she wasn’t allowed on the show because of her age. The producer of the show knew talent when he saw it, though, and set Britney up with an agent in New York. Britney spent three summers at the Professional Performing Arts School Center and appeared in a number of off-Broadway productions. Her first real lead was in a comedy called Ruthless. In 1992, Britney left Ruthless and landed a spot on Star Search. She won the first round, but was beaten by another contestant in the second. This setback didn’t deter Miss Spears, who knew in her heart that she was destined for greater things. Finally, Britney returned to audition for the MMC again; except this time she was offered a job! Along with Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Christina Aguilera, and Kari Russell, Britney rapped, sang, and danced through over 110 skits on the show. After two years, in 1994, MMC was canceled, leaving Britney to wonder what was next.

Britney Spears Discography


1. Me Against The Music
2. (I Got That) Boom Boom
3. Showdown 
4. Breathe On Me
5. Early Mornin’
6. Toxic
7. Outrageous
8. Touch Of My Hand
9. The Hook Up
10. Shadow 
11. Brave New Girl
12. Every Time
13. Me Against the Music (Rushi Rich Remix)

Release Date: Worldwide  November 18, 2003
Australia and Italy November 14, 2003

Release: Worldwide

Debut: #1

Records: -First Female Artist To Have 4 Consecutive Number 1 Debuts

Singles Released: Me Against The Music Toxic

US Version (Enhanced) 
1.  ...Baby One More Time  3:30
2.  (You Drive Me) Crazy ) 3:17
3.  Sometimes   4:05
4.  Soda Pop   3:20
5.  Born to Make You Happy   4:03
6.  From the Bottom Of My Broken Heart   5:11
7.  I Will Be There   3:53
8.  I Will Still Love You   4:02
9.  Thinkin' About You   3:35
10.  E-mail My Heart   3:41
11.  The Beat Goes On   3:43

Release Date: January 12, 1999

Singles Released:
BRITNEY SPEARS - OOPs I did it again

US Version (Enhanced) 
1.  Oops!... I Did It Again   3:31
2.  Stronger   3:23
3.  Don't Go Knockin' On My Door   3:14
4.  (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction   4:28
5.  Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know   3:50
6.  What U See (Is What U Get)   3:14
7.  Lucky   3:25
8.  One Kiss From You   3:23
9.  Where Are You Now   4:39
10.  Can't Make You Love Me   3:16
11.  When Your Eyes Say It   4:06
12.  Dear Diary 


Singles Released:


US Version (Enhanced)
1.  I'm A Slave 4 U   3:23
2.  Overprotected   3:19
3.  Lonely  ) 3:20
4.  I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman   3:51
5.  Boys   3:28
6.  Anticipating   3:16
7.  I Love Rock n' Roll   3:06
8.  Cinderella   3:39
9.  Let Me Be   2:51
10.  Bombastic Love   3:05
11.  That's Where You Take Me   3:32
12. What It's Like To Be Me  

Release Date: November 6, 2001

Release: Worldwide


Singles Released:


Baby One More Time - Britney is in high school, sitting in the middle of an intensely boring class. The school bell rings, letting all the students out of school, and allowing Britney to sing her heart out. Dressed in a Catholic school girl uniform, mixed with classic Britney spice, she shows us her stuff by dancing and singing down the hall. Then, we’re taken outside where she is in an athletic outfit and dancing with other “students.” Britney does another dance routine outside, with a bit of gymnastics incorporated into it. Then, we’re taken to the gym, where she is in another sporty outfit. A basketball game is underway as Britney sullenly sings on the bleachers. Several glances to a young man tell us who she is blue over. We are then launched into a group dance. The party is pooped by a teacher, who wakes Britney up from the daydream that was her first music video.

Quick Facts:
The school scenes were filmed in the same place Grease was shot.

Britney’s love interest in the video is played by her cousin.

The teacher in the video is actually Britney’s confidant and friend on tour, Felicia Culotta.

Originally, this video was to feature Britney as an action hero. Luckily, she decided this wasn’t the case and came up with the idea for the video we see today.

Premiere Date
December 11, 1998

Nigel Dick

Randy Connor

Film Location
Venice High School
Venice, California


Sometimes - This whole video concept is about Britney falling in love for the first time. Or how she wishes it would happen. Looking through binoculars, Britney falls in love with a guy she sees on the beach. But, she’s afraid to fall in love, so she launches into a full-out dream about actually approaching him and falling hopelessly in love. The video is decorated by an awesome Britney-esque dance on a pier, which is accompanied by her loyal dancers. Also included in this video are walks on the beach with Britney and the boy she falls hopelessly for. Just as the viewer believes Britney is able to leave all her hurt behind, the dream sequence ends by Britney walking away from the binoculars and away from their meeting.

Quick Facts:

Britney hurt her knee during the shooting of the film, which forced her to be hospitalized and take some well deserved rest.

Don’t be fooled by the warm feelings being projected by this video. During  shooting, temperatures dropped all the way down to 30 degrees!

Britney’s love interest in this video is played by Chad Cole, an Abercrombie & Fitch model.


If you look carefully at the lower left corner of the screen just as Britney makes a heart with her hands in the choreography, you can see the shadow of the camera.

Also if you watch closely on the person on the left when Britney is by the car you see the person scratch her crotch.

Premiere Date
December 11, 1998

Nigel Dick

Darrin Henson

The "Guy"
Chad Cole

Film Location
Paradise Cove
Malibu, California


Crazy - In this video, Britney plays a dorky waitress who works at what is apparently the hottest club in town. Her and her girlfriends meet up with spot some hot guys and decide that their work clothes have to go--out with the nerd and in with the diva. Quickly, they all rush to a dressing room and glamify themselves up. Britney changes into black spandex pants with a metallic green belly tank shirt. The ex-waitresses meet up with the hot guys and out they go onto the dance floor, where everything instantly starts to pick up. Britney and her dancers launch into a dance scene, which includes a girls against guys competition. Then, Britney appears in front of a gigantic “CRAZY” sign and sings her heart out with a 1950’s style microphone. Suddenly, “STOP!” Britney shouts and all action around her stops, until the DJ revs up the record with Britney’s face on it.

Quick Facts:
Melissa Joan Hart, who stars in the movie Drive Me Crazy, which this song is  on the soundtrack of, makes an appearance in the video! She is even in the  background dancing with everyone else!

This is one of Britney’s most expensive videos made.

Crazy: Stop Remix was Britney’s first video to be featured on MTV’s Making  the Video.

Safety concerns were big here, because of all the set ups and light bulbs.  Crew and staff had to wear hard hats, which of course couldn’t be seen off  the camera.

August 24, 1999

Nigel Dick

Choreographer Darrin Henson

Melissa Joan Hart

Film Location
Redondo Beach
Power Station, California


Born To Make You Happy - This video goes with the concept the title brings: Britney was born to make her significant other happy. Set in a beautiful house, the video takes place in three different rooms: The bedroom, a dancing room, and then a room with a lot of mirrors. Britney is shown in the bedroom having a pillow fight with her boyfriend, dancing in the dancing room attempting to express her love for him, and singing her heart out in the mirror room. Born to Make you Happy brings a slighter more mature tweak to Britney’s perfected school girl image with her sultry dance moves and theme. Altogether, it’s about expressing your love for the person you are in love with.

Quick Facts:

This is Britney’s first video not directed by Nigel Dick

Born to Make You Happy was a European-only video, which is the reason there are no TRL Stats.

While filming a pillow fight scene for the video, Britney managed to fall off the bed.


Billy Woodruff


Film Location
Los Angeles, California

TRL Status
Not On TRL

From the Bottom Of My Broken Heart  - In “From the Bottom of My Broken Heart” Britney plays a young woman who is presumably getting ready to leave for college. The video shows her packing and doing all the things one would normally do her last day in the town a girl has grown up in. One thing that keeps tugging at her heart, though, is Britney’s ex-boyfriend. She reminisces about all the good times they had, including playing around on their high school football field and being alone together up on the town’s old water tower. Britney is also shown on a swing attached to the tree, leaving the sentimental feeling of not wanting to give up her childhood. However, Britney does not remain in the past and is last seen heading toward her future in a bus that leaves town.

Quick Facts:

The exact location filmed is not known for this film, however, most fans speculate that it was in Britney’s hometown, Kentwood, Louisiana.

This is Britney’s last single from her …Baby One More Time album.

While “Born To Make You Happy” was released in Europe, this video was released to the American, Canadian, and Australian fans.

December 21, 1999

Gregory Dark


TRL Status


Oops...I Did It Again -  Britney as a the ruler of Mars. An unsuspecting Earthling comes to Mars to investigate Earth’s neighbor, and accidentally stumbles upon  the queen of the planet herself, Miss Britney Spears. Mission Control can do nothing but gawk as Britney teases and dances for the astronaut, with her loyal following of Mars dancers. After he gives her a necklace, she walks away, leaving him with only his memory to remember her by.

Fast Facts:

Britney had a major accident during the filming of this video. While laying on the bed, a camera fell that was directly above her and hit her on the head. Stitches were all that was needed to fix this, thankfully, and Britney returned back to the shooting shortly after.

This is Britney’s second video for MTV’s Making the Video series.

Do the words that the astronaut says to Britney sound familiar? They should, because they’re in reference to the necklace that Rose drops into the ocean at the end of Titanic.


At the part when Britney is laying on the ground with the  white outfit on and there are dancers around her in a circle, she sings "I  cry, watching the days,” look at the dancer at the top of the screen. He  misses a dance move as she sings that. It's so obvious! This is a pretty big mistake for her dancers.

While Britney is dancing on the platform with the red lights, look under her left elbow, the light is burned

Premire Date:
April 11, 2000

Nigel Dick

Tina Landon

Eli Swanson

Film Location
Stage 24
Universal Studios
Studio City, California

Pamela Anderson
Micheal Jackson
Jennifer Lopez
Britney Spears

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