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VNV Web Solutions
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Why are the birds poor?
Because money doesn't grow on trees.

What has four wheels and flies?
A garbage truck.

What do the moon and false teeths have in common?
They both comes out at night.

Why did fly danced over pickle jar?
Because it said "twist to open".

Why did 18 sardarjis go to a movie?
Because below 18 was not allowed.

How do you make a Sardar laugh on Saturday?
Tell him a joke on Wednesday.

Why do Sardars work seven days a week?
So you don't have to re-train them on Monday.

Why can't Sardars make ice cubes?
They always forget the recipe.

What do you see when you look into a Sardar's eyes?
The back of his head.

How can you tell when Sardar sends you a fax?
It has a stamp on it.

Why can't Sardar dial 911?
They can not find the eleven on the phone.

How do you get Sardar on the roof?
Tell him the drinks are on the house.

"Oh, look at the dead bird."
Sardar looked skyward and said "Where, Where?"

What do smart Sardar and UFOs have in common?
You always hear about them but you never see them.

Why does it take longer to build a Sardar snowman as opposed to a regular one?
You have to hollow out the head.

How would you keep a sardar busy?
Just give him a piece of paper and on both the sides write P.T.O.

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